Jan 18, 2015

My First Go at This - Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

#1 - Cat in the Sun, 8x8", Oil on Board   (SOLD)

This is my very first small painting, number one in a series of hopefully, zillions!  I chose to work from some of my references I keep for my work, and I've always liked this one.  It's from a photograph of a friend's cat who was trying to sleep in the sun until this HUMAN kept sticking a camera in his face.  Imagine the nerve!

He was tolerant.  Just.  But the light coming through his ears was what made me love this as a subject for a painting, so I went for it.

Bad choice for the first piece.

The demand for all those nuanced shifts of tone in the shadows of his face slowed me down considerably.  What I wanted to be a fast, maybe 2 hour painting became a time eater.  I think it took me two days of off and on work to complete it.  I was a little intimidated by the desire to keep working it until it felt over polished, but stopped short of that, vowing that the next one would be much less complex.   I often say that after finishing a demanding, complex piece.  I ignore my own declarations more often than not.

But, if the purpose of this whole project is to free my mind by allowing shorter start to finish times, then I needed to figure out less complicated visual problems to attack.

I'll get there.

In any case, here is "#1 - Cat in the Sun"  It is 8 inches square and painted with oil on gesso board. 


  1. You captured that miffed cat perfectly. I'm still smiling.

  2. Hi, Jennifer. My pieces will all be for sale as soon as I get Paypal set up with the blog. In the meantime, you can contact me at through the email at the top of this page and I can make arrangements for the sale. Thanks for your interest!


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