Jan 19, 2015

#2 -The Blue Horse, A Small Study in Reflected Light

#2 - The Blue Horse, 8x8", Oil on Board

This is my second small painting.  I managed to stick to my time constraints, and I was aware that I needed to rely on my instincts on color and gesture more, and on the need to go back into it and refine things less.

The piece, titled "#2 -The Blue Horse," is painted from one of my older references.  The horses were standing in a hilly field with early sunlight hitting them on an icy morning.  What interested me was the reflective nature of the dappled gray horse's coat.  It bounced back the blue of the sky, and created a striking horse of a different color.

This was so much fun to paint, and I stopped as soon as I felt the message was clear.  Less is more...I keep telling myself this!

"#2- The Blue Horse" 8x8", Oil on Gesso Board.

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  1. He must be magic because it took me a second viewing before this post appeared... I'm sure blue horses must have weird powers.


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