Feb 6, 2015

#11 Pug! (The First of FIVE!)

#11- Pug Face 1 - 6x6", Oil on MDF Panel- SOLD
I'm on a dog painting kick, I guess.  I'll share them here, but they are commissioned portraits, so are all pre-sold.  This is the first of a series of five.  Yes, five pugs.   They are all pretty cute, and I like painting wrinkles.  This is Finney.  He is very sweet, but looks worried.  It's probably due to his sister threatening to beat him up.  She so likes to do that.

It still counts as small daily paintings! 

I have made a deal with myself with these pieces, and part of the deal is a public declaration. I will paint 4 per week, or give myself the penalty of cleaning the basement and/or the attic for four hours if I fall short.  I fell short last time, and our freezer is defrosted and the basement got some attention, as well.  Needless to say, it can use a bit more attention, but I'm hoping that will come much later.  I plan to get cranking and keep these coming.  Cleaning basements is not fun.

After these, and possibly scattered between these pugs, I'm going to do a couple of faces, and maybe some water reflection pieces.  I have a lot of ideas!  I can't wait to get back to the easel.


  1. I too love the wrinkles! So expressive.
    And I enjoyed your "punishment" idea for not working in the studio.
    I might have to adopt that one as there are lots of things that need doing around here.

  2. That's a pretty dire punishment!


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